To our valued and potential customers,

MEDCONS currently provide wide ranges of services to support for foreign companies entering to business in Vietnam, including but not limited to the following scope of services:

  • Law assistance, legislation documents reference and explanation
  • Medical technical documents translation and/ or carry out missions such as: handing-over work, inspection work, report preparation, etc.
  • Public Health Feasibility Report
  • Project implementation process
  • Hotel/ guest houses accommodation
  • Air-ticket, train ticket, transportation vehicles in Vietnam
  • Translation, interpretation for all project documents and experts having site visit in Vietnam
  • With a talented, experienced group of experts on medical sector, we are confident in providing all high-end services from beginning to ending for all enterprises entering for health projects in Vietnam.

Email us at: info@vattutieuhao.vn
Call us on: +84 246 652 8672

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