With a team of experienced and dedicated consultants in the hospital sector, MEDCONS is proud to be a consultant providing a wide range of services to improve the efficiency of the procurement process in healthcare facilities. MEDCONS services support customers in the process of purchasing goods and services.

MEDCONS’s strategy is to focus on exploiting strengths to assist customers in managing factors related to the procurement process to improve procurement performance from estimating, planning contractor selection, and bidding. Bidding, contract execution, disbursement, supervision, management, storage … Ensure every step of the procurement process is optimal and legally reliable.

During the implementation of its consulting services, MEDCONS has built a long-term trusting relationship with all the customers we served.

MEDCONS always focuses on consulting and training activities. We always share our experiences, knowledge, skills and update relevant legal regulations with stakeholders to coordinate implementation to help the procurement process achieve the most effective.

MEDCONS has built a team of human resources exclusively for the health sector, with 12 consultants with extensive expertise.