Project Management consulting services is one of MEDCONS’ core specialties. With an experienced team of project management consultants, we have successfully managed healthcare projects of varying sizes – everything from large-scale to small ones. Whether saving a project with lots of problems or building it from an early stage to help it succeed in the future, we have the expertise and track record to help our clients get there. Our consultants can consult at any stage of the project life cycle.

We recognize that no projects are exactly alike, so we tailor our project management approach to it.

We understand that the ultimate goal of the project is to help the client achieve the goal. Therefore, we take a holistic approach. Although a project must be implemented closely to the right time and budget, we always work with stakeholders to work closely together. Then all collected data is incorporated into the project management approach to ensure the right decisions are made. With project management experience according to the standards of the Project Management Institute (PMI) certification and a wealth of practical project management experience in Vietnam, we will help you achieve your success.